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Thread: Xp Pro Install Problems

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    hi all, i installed xp pro (but had to upgrade from 98 as it wouldnt work as a boot cd) anyway i had a few messages during the install
    1: missing couri.ttf - just a font file i believe
    2: missing ntkrnlpa.exe - important i think

    the rest of the install went fine, it rebooted ok a few times during the install then after one reboot i got a message along the lines of: "missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe windows can not load, please reinstall the required file press any key to restart" so when i press a key the computer just does a restart and i get the message again!!!

    any ideas as to what i could do please????? any help would be great.

    thanks R

    ok - just found out that it has to do with the boot screen - wierd as i had the boot screen come up loads of times - it only happened after i did a software update...... why????? could someone email me the file? or whats the next best thing to do??

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    I can email u the missing files if u like just PM me if u want them if somebody hasnt already


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