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    Now that I have BF1942 installed and everything, thanks to the person who gave me the link to CDMage, I am faced with another problem. When I double click on BF1942 to start enjoying this god damn thing, I am given an insert correct CD error.

    I am getting the feeling I need a CD Crack of some sort, if this is true, can someone give me a Sig2Dat link for one that works?

    PS. For you sticklers of corrective, I am aware that the title says Mf1942, it stands for Mother Fucker 1942 =P It just shows my current hatred for it right now.

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    Did you burn 2 disks? They're both install disks, but I usually use the 2nd disk when I want to play it.

    If it is a CDcrack you need, I reccomend for the latest game cracks. is good too, but doesn't always have the latest cracks.

    Make sure you get the crack that corrosponds with your version of BF.

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    I did'nt burn them to a CD, I used Daemon Tools to create a virtual drive so I could install it.

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    Last bump, never gonna bump again, never gonna ask a question again.

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    I downloaden this game aswell. Burned it onto a CD (two in fact).
    Installed the damn thing. Trijd to run it. Got past the first couple of stages, but when the action was about to start all I got was a black screen and no movement.
    Any one else have this prob with this game and does anyone have a solution.



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