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Thread: I Need A Guide To Put Mpeg Onto Dvd-r

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    anyone know of any good guides for this i have looked on dvdhelp and doom but cant find exactly what i need so anyone point me in the right direction ?

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    need moe info like wot tools u got and wot r u trying to convert and wot do u wanna convert it to?
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    With TMPGEnc DVD Author you can change (author) you MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 files to DVD-Video structured files. Using high quality MPEG files made by the "TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 series" or captured by an MPEG capture device, it is possible to perform your own DVD authoring quick and easy. The outputted file structure (.ifo, VOB) can be burned to a DVD disc using your own DVD writing software, and thus you can create your own original DVDs.
    TMPGEnc DVD Author v1.0.4.22 is the current version. CLICK HERE to download

    Software link added

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    I recommend that you use tmpgenc plus.
    So first get it from here (you need to scroll through the list: Tmpgenc Plus
    Then open TMPGEnc and a wizard should come up. (Hopefully you are not trying to put and x-vid encoded file on this dvd-r but if you are then look here: Skip this if you are not using an xvid file.

    1) Open TMPGEnc and press Cancel if Wizard pops up
    2) Go to Option->Environmental Setting...->VFAPI plug-in
    3) Adjust the plug-in priorities (this is done by right clicking on
    the plug-in and choosing Higher priority as many times as
    necessary) to match the following:

    DirectShow Multimedia File Reader.......3
    AVI2(OpenDML) File Reader................1
    AVI VFW compatibility Reader.............0
    CyberLink MPEG-2 Decoder.................0
    Microsoft MPEG-1 Decoder.................0
    Wave File Reader..............................0
    BMP/PPM/TGA/JPG File Reader...........-2
    DVD2AVI Project File Reader 1.76+.....-2*
    TMPGEnc Project File Reader 2.58......-2*

    4) Press OK
    5) Now you can load your XviD AVI into TMPGEnc just like any other
    AVI and encode as you wish.

    So select dvd pal-Europe / ntsc-America and Japan...
    High quality (dvd) or low (vcd)

    Then you follow through the wizard selecting the input file and output file.
    Pay attention to a bar at the bottom of one of the wizard steps which shows if you will be able to fit everything on one dvd. If not select source range and split it by selecting where the first part should start and clicking on the set start frame. Then move the slider to the end of the first part and click set end frame.
    Click next and save it to output file somewhere esily accesible like the desktop.

    Now once you say start encoding it will take a long time. Perhaps 8 hours for each part.
    So you might want to do this overnight. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    GOOD MORNING! Ok so now you will see that it is encoded and next open up your burner software which supports dvd.
    Then burn the file that TMPGEnc made.
    And voila! You have a dvd-r with a movie of whatever

    Hope this works for you. Any other questions please post or PM me

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    every one goes on about that tmpgenc i tryed useing it loads ov times and the few times it did work for me it took like 7h to encoed a dvd
    and even then pic wasnt that good and yes the source file was good, i recoemd main concept encoder it will handls xivds and anything else u like and u dont have to change a thing in the settings and ther out put is spot thers no lose of lipsink or anything like that and best ov all it only takes 2h to encode a dvd nowthats quick dont u think
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    thanks guys i will give those a try and see how i go

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    hey jav does ur guide aply if my files are already mpeg files ?

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    Tmpgenc Plus (AVI->MPEG ) & Tmpgenc Dvd Author (MPEG ->DVD) : CLICK HERE

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    Darth Sushi has answered ur question to me.
    I think main concept encoder may be better actly!


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