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Thread: Hatebreed - Supremacy [2006]

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    their newest album is just fucking great! this album is a must listen! not extremely hard so all u stone sour freaks mite want to give this one a chance.

    1. Defeatist
    2. Horrors of Self
    3. Mind Over All
    4. To the Threshold
    5. Give Wings to My Triumph
    6. Destroy Everything
    7. Divine Judgment
    8. Immortal Enemies
    9. Most Truth
    10. Never Let It Die
    11. Spitting Venom
    12. As Diehard as They Come
    13. Supremacy of Self

    for anyone that likes these guys u won't be disappointed...
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    Hahaha stone sour freaks, been waiting for this album quite a while now. Download and see if it's worth it and will buy it probably with Sacrament when I go to the store on 22nd (I have like no time for shopping nowadays god damn work ).

    Incidentally, you should check out a Canadian band called "Into Eternity". Simply amazing, def. has the Hatebreed style to it (with some reminiscent of Lamb of God too), but dare I say it's a lot better :| check it out, the album is called "Buried in Oblivion".

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