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Thread: Deicide - The Stench of Redemption [2006]

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    w0w, it's been a new album week 4 me!!! anywho, finally got my hands on a copy of this. hard to find and should had been out 6/6/6. so far it's decent. i love death metal so i'm easily satified and well... amused. not too good of riffs in this one though. just satan talking to u in ur sub-conscience...

    01. The Stench of Redemption
    02. Death to Jesus
    03. Desecration
    04. Homage for Satan
    05. Never to Be Seen Again
    06. The Lord's Sedition
    07. Walk with the Devil In Dreams You Behold
    08. Crucified for the Innocence
    09. Not of this Earth
    10. Black Night (Deep Purple cover)
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    I got into this band from this album and i have to amit their older albums are much better produced to be honest.
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    I haven't grabbed this album yet, but i soon will. It's cool they got some new members. Have you guys seen the latest Deicide DVD? It's called When London Burns, check it out.


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