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Thread: ViviCam 55 suddenly stopped working

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    I have a Vivitar ViviCam 55 I use to video chat and this morning when I started it up everything looked fine, it suddenly froze, then nothing. I have tried re-installing the drivers, usb ports seem ok, just have no idea what's happened. Windows does not seem to see the camera and gives me an "unknow device" message. A couple of times it said that the device malfunctioned and windows could not recognize it. Has anyone ever seen this before? Any ideas or better yet solutions? Thanks

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    Do you have an extra cord to try on it? Its the least expensive fix for a camera that stops connecting. Then again, nothing lasts for ever. If it were me I would take it apart before I bought another, I'm like that, I've been taking things apart since I was 2 years old. Sometimes its something simple to find like a disconnected wire or broken connection.


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