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Thread: PC Makes A Beeping Sound?

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    Hey guys,

    OK, strange problem here. let me start by saying my computer's not all that old, maybe just 8 months or so. I'm just sitting on MSN minding my own business then my PC makes this noise, kinda like a Windows "diiiing" noise. Except it's kinda like a two quick beeps...followed by another two. I lef tit, and it done it again a few minutes after. The again, and again. At first I just thought it was something I was running making the noise.

    I restarted, loaded up MSN only, done it again. I switched off my speakers just to insure it was in fact coming from the PC. And yes, that seems to be where it's coming from.

    So I'm asking you all here, because people here tend to be pretty knowledgable. Any idea what this could be? It's really doing my box in!


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    Look at your processes and see if it isn't some program running in the background that is making the noise. are there any icons in the system tray that could be making this sound? does it not make the sound if you aren't running MSN?
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    Its an program event sound mabye as Tempstv suggests ? What happens when you right tit it ? Sorry my humour is wasted on this board .

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    Or it could be someone nudging you because it only happens when you start messenger right??
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    You could kick the Case,
    or cut the cables on the speaker mounted inside the case,
    but none of those solutions are advisable.

    What I would do is,
    as the guys said, check your processes for any abnormality,
    run Highjack this,
    do a full system virus check,
    run your antispyware program,
    clean cache, cokies and temporal files,
    do a defragmentation and finaly
    you might wanna run some tuneup utility.

    I mean, I would do all that.

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    Also i would remove invalid registry keys using registry scanners. Also it wouldnt hurt to back up all your data just in case something worse happens. For me it went from ram not loading properly (showed as 512MB when actually 1GB) to a super slow computer then to a computer that suddenly just lost all data!!!
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    Users with 1GB+ can now hibernate in peace

    For those that have been having issues with hibernate not working properly on Windows XP SP2 desktops and notebooks, your fix is finally here. Microsoft has had a fix available for quite some time, but customers could only receive the fix if they called Microsoft's support line and explained their problem in detail. Some of the more resourceful folks did some "googling" (myself included) to bypass Microsoft support and get direct access to the download.

    For those unfamiliar with the problem, the XP SP2 hibernate bug affects machines with more than 1GB of RAM when trying to hibernate. Affected machines will display the message "Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API" when trying to hibernate. Now, anyone can download the fix directly from microsoft

    hope this helps

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    I don't know what that has to do with his problem but here's the link:
    It sounds to me like he's describing the connect/disconnect windows sound, like you get when you plug or unplug a usb device. If you want to find out if its that sound go to your Control Panel and Sounds & Audio Devices then to the Sounds tab, highlight the Device Connect and Device Disconnect choices in the scroll window and play them to see. If it not that sound you will probably find what it is by going thru the sounds and playing them.

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    No he's talking about the piezo. Certain programs still use it, esp. those running from the command line. If you can't figure out what's causing it you may be compromised.

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    he said he turned OFF his speakers. so, ur not gonna be hearing usb device disconnecting sounds. those are heard thru the speakers. what are ur current temps of cpu?
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