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Thread: Simcity4 Wont Work! :(

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    I downloaded all the SimCity 4 files and burned them two discs (disc 1 and disc2). I inserted the first disc and it installed by itself fine, then it asked me for the second disc and it continued fine. But after the installation finished there was nothing, and the disc drive light was on permanently until an error came up asking me to send the information off! I tried launching the application from the computer with the disc in(ive tried both discs) and the same error happens. Its all there but I cant play it!! Please can somebody help!!! It took ages to download and now I cant use it :'( thx.

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    I have a working version not downloaded version that works. IF there's requests I can post it up.

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    Try replacing the exe file (located in the apps directory) and see.

    File:SimCity 4.exe
    Length:7438336 Bytes,7264KB

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    wot do u mean replace the file?? replace with wot??

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    did u use a crack

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    Some games require a crack to work. The crack is built into the .exe file. So try replacing (overwrite) simcity4.exe and see if that works.

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    i tried using a NO CD PATCH, it works once!!!....but then NEVER AGAIN!!! after trying again, it goes to a black screen for a few seconds then back to windows and nuthin happens. i tried uninstalling and reinstallin the game, it worked once, but then never again. i even tried using the patch again, but it still wouldn't work. plzzzzz help!!!

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    OK I'm getting really unhappy now!! I wish some1 could help me!!! I'm now having asimilar problem with Thief: The Dark Project (another game which I downloaded off Kazaa recently). The Thief title screen loads up, I load all the settings as normal, but as the actual game is about to start, it quits back to desktop!!. As with SimCity 4, as soon as i load it, it quits to desktop!! Somethings not right....surely someone can help me?!?!?!?! PLZ!!! :'(

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    Most of these games come with "cracks" which bypass the copy protection etc.

    I think you'll find the crack for SimCity4 is located on CD1, copy it (you may have to rename it to "simcity4.exe") and drop it in to the folder where Simcity4 is installed (e.g. C:\program files\maxis\simcity4) so that it replaces the original "simcity4.exe" file.

    Play the game.

    Btw..........i suggest changing the size/colour of your font when posting ........... looks awful.


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    All games will have a *.NFO file or a *.diz file..raed those. Info on how to install and play are most likely in there... B)

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