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Thread: Anyone Heard Anything About Shareaza

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    Their website says they'll be bridging 4 networks with their next beta release. ( ) Anyone heard which networks its likely to be? and i thought they got excluded from the Gnutella network for being uncooperative and detrimental to the health of the network, whatever happened with that?

    At a guess wouldn't the easiest 2 networks to aim for be overnet and fasttrack as they are both similar to gnutella in terms of structure?

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    Checked zeropaid forum and they said probably bittorrent and overnnet/edonkey. Is bittorrent really a proper p2p network?

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    99% sure that it will be eDonkey and Overnet

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    sounds like it'll be pretty good. The more the networks are brought together the more sources etc. I wonder how they got the overnet thing though, will they properly be connected to the overnet network or will it just be that becasue they've got access to edonkey network (and therefore overnet users) they can claim both networks?
    Either way sounds good for shareaza, cos it really needed more users/files. I am a little bit concerned as an emule user though, about the various problems gnutella clients had with each other as it might be a bad sign of things to come.

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    It's eDonkey and Bit Torrent. Sounds like a very good idea and has had favourable comments from those who have tested it.

    edit: although I'll still be using the individual programs themselves at the moment, it's an interesting step forward.


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