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Thread: Utorrent Problems

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    this problem came about a month ago when i was downloading a certain file. utorrent told me the file was a 100% completed. i tried to extract the file from the rar format but during the extraction, it said a peice was missing. i deleted the torrent from utorrent and reopened the torrent file. during the check it found that it was only 99% complete and downloaded the other peice and i was able to open the file. i was pretty simple and i didnt mind, but the problem has gradually expanded. it happens during every download and sometimes i find myself reloading the torrent over 20 times and either the same is not getting downloaded or utorrent finds other files the have not been "fully" downloaded even thought during the previous rechecks it said they were complete. is there anyway to fix this? plz help! thanks in advanced.

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    It could be faulty memorey or maybe your utorrent is borked, I say uninstall utorrent and reinstall or upgrade it if you dont have the newest version and maybe even run some memorey tests with a progrAm like mem test which is free I belive.

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    Try Azureus, its heavier on the resources, but it's got more options

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    make sure ur using utorrent 1.6
    if the problem occurs on public trackers, try using private trackers from now on.
    i used to get ALOT of bad data on torrents on public trackers. i've never had to redownload anything again on a private tracker.

    also run peerguardian. alot of anti-p2p groups join torrents and deliberately send bad data (this would be on public trackers).

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    Have you checked the utorrent forums, very helpful board. There's many reasons why you could be getting these errors. Hope you get it resolved.

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    I think you should try restoring windows to an earlier date. Perhaps to a date when this problem did not occur. If the problems occured since day one then i would suggest getting azureas which is the next best down from utorrent.
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    i uninstalled utorrent, reinstalled utorrent 1.6, and only use private trackers. still doesnt help.


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