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Thread: how to send learnbits invite?

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    just wanted to known if I am the only one with problem sending a learnbits invite? my profile shows that the invite has sent, but the invite doesn't arrive to recievers e-mail..
    have tried already two mails, but nothing..
    how about you?

    p.s. I'm not offering invites

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    what email providers are you sending them to? i sent one to a gmail address and got it right away

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    DKre8ive1's Avatar L0st N S0und BT Rep: +2
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    Tell who ever you sending it too to check there junk mail box or spam box since sometimes they get put in there.

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    Definitely get them to check the web interface for their email or account settings.
    I checked my ISP email accounts the other day because stuff wasn't turning up and found that spam filtering had been turned on.
    I specifically opted out of all the security features when I signed up cos I like to control what is protecting me and how.
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