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Thread: yahoo msgr download

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    recent rebuild from win98 which had the old yahoo messenger, to winXP pro, now I dont have the yahoo msgr......tried several times to download the new free clear up to 87 percent loaded and lost internet conn(dialup) on 56k....since then i cant even get to 1/2 way befoe I lose conn. Anyone know whats the deal?? Also i get cut off after exactly 4hrs no matter how busy I am on the net....or it was 4hrs until I complained to my I'm lucky to make it to 3 hrs before cut off. I have MSN msgr...does that conflict with the Yahoo msgr?

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    I suggest backup all important stuff , format and install new xp installation.

    ur current systen is upgraded from 98 so the progs u installed was 98 version... xp has different installation files it is based on win nt.

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    I used to be on dial-up many yrs back and i lost connections many times due to people calling my house number !! maybe that's the problem ?


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