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Thread: NewsHosting and Credit cards

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    I was about to sign up for newshosting when I read the middle review on this page:

    Someone claims that newshosting stole/lost their credit card number.

    Has anyone had any trouble with Newshosting and their credit or debit cards?

    I'm planing on paying with debit so that has me particularily worried. I couldnt find anything about this company with the BBB or anything. Have you guys ever heard of something like this hapening?

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    Just because this person only used their card online at one place they think that site is at fault.
    Given that Newshosting have been operating successfully for many years I'd have to say that the likely culprit is a trojan on this person's system.

    If you intend signing up with Newshosting (it's a very good service), please use THIS link as FST gets a small referral payment to keep it going.
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    Okay, thanks guys. Im signing up right now.

    This is an unrelated question, but since newshosting can run on port 80, its prett much impossible for a college network to block, right? My school blocked alot P2P stuff, but I don't see how they could really block this (unless they do it by newhostings IP, though that doesnt seem likely since so few people on campus will use it.)

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    Your college's ISP might have stopped all internal newsgroup tracffic, trust me I work in a college and I know our ISP does otherwise I'd be using our 10gig connection and my newshosting account!

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    How could they do that? If you switch to port 80, then how would they know the difference between web traffic and newsgroups? I guess I'll find out for sure in a couple days.

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    Just because its data is being sent on port 80, doesnt mean the college cant tell what kind of data it is. Most colleges have advanced software/hardware traffic shaping and traffic analysis that can distingush between many different types of traffic (kazaa, emule, ares, bit torrent, newsgroups). The only way to bypass this is to encrypt the data.
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    I guess I could alway open an ssh connection to my home. My upload is 2mb(verizon fios), so it wouldnt be too slow for smaller files. Any news hosts that ofer encryted access?


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