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Thread: Privacy

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    Is there any software or technique to prevent IP addresses from being tracked while swapping files?


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    Peer Guardian can block hostile web addresses -- but you need to get a BIG/LONG block list for it to be effective.

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    I think the reason why the RIAA is coming down so hot and heavy right now is because they know what's coming. Most current P2P programs tend to have vulnerabilities ... with the possible exception of Filetopia. But, developers haven't been sitting still, either. I suspect that literally every P2P developer is actively pursuing stealth technology. Earthstation5 is an example. But, keep your eyes on Shareza and FastTrack (Kazaa/Grokster), too.

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    Filetopia is a great idea, but it isn't exactly in use, more like an advanced developemental stage. Soon my friends, file sharing will be about encryption and proxy servers, masking your IP, as so on. The game has just begun. B)
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