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Thread: Cannot Shutdown

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    For some reason now when i click turn off computer it shows
    the hourglass and just sits there. I never does anything.
    I have to hold the button on the tower.


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    there is probably a process which is blocking it. do a hijack this log.

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    Ok, Im still learning. Where can i get my logfile.

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    get the hijackthis program here

    run and paste the log into that analyzer site in other thread

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    Thanks 100, I found 2 unwanted and deleted them.

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    Ok, still didn't fix my shutdown problem though.

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    try a backup and then just format

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    Sometimes its the easy things , it could be a corrupted sound file . Do you have a sound event shut down like exit windows ?
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    Perhaps the Elder Geek (no, not me) can help.
    These are oldies but goodies and may do the trick.

    Edit: The info re:APM seems pertinent.
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    I've found that that 40% of the time it's part of the userhive not wiriting correctly and the registry process is waiting for the system to timeout before shutting down. This normaly results in the dirty flag not being cleaned and a longer bootup process as well.. You should look at using the USERHIVE CLEANUP Tool at microsoft.. You can read more about what's going on here.

    Also double check to see what spyware / virus software you have, and make sure it's updated.

    Hijackthis is a good start if you know alot about the process and services in your system. If all else fails, you can use the MSCONFIG command to start your computer without any extra frills.

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