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Thread: A Noob Question on New build

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    Am making my first comp. and have a probably very noob question...
    When installing a Sata2 drive do i have to just plug it in and the mb (Asus P5B Deluxe) will recognise this like any drive or do i need a special driver i need to install first?
    or am I getting mixed up with a Raid0 array which im not doing, only have one sata2 Hd.

    Also can anyone link me to a good "modern (i.e. Sata2 etc,)" site for info on building from scratch.


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    Not sure how the Intel chipset handles SATA drives.
    Did your board come with a floppy holding SATA drivers?

    One way to find out for sure...
    Begin Windows install.
    If it can see the drives, you're home free.
    If not, you'll have to make a floopy with the right SATA drivers and F6 them into the install.*

    *As soon as your PC boots to the Windows install disk look at the bottom of the screen.
    It says "Press F6 if you need to load SCSI or other storage drivers" (or something like that).
    Press F6 till the message disappears.
    Setup will continue as normal till it stops and asks for a floppy disk with the drivers you need to install.
    If all goes well Windows will now recognize your drive as being present and bootable.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Ok thanks i'll try, there was no floppy in MB box.
    But one thing.. I wasnt gonner put a floppy drive on it, suppose i will now :-(

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    You may not have to.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    If your SATA board has connections for your SATA cables , then you will be fine.

    You will have a motherboard disc and that is the first thing you install after windows. This disc will drive everythign the board comes with , its now up to you to DISABLE what you DONT want.

    Windows will recognise the drive A-OK, however the MOBO disc will add a few drivers for the whole kit and caboodle.

    Not that hard building a system thses days.
    But i know how daunting the first one is.

    GO for it.

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    Have you already done an install on one of the new Conroe boards?
    I have not.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Thanks Shrude..
    Yes board has lots of Sata connections
    ill give it a go (giners crossed)
    Hopefully Ram and Graphics card arriving early this week.


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