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Thread: The Soundtrack From The Lotr Movie

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    You might think that i am stupid for listening to such music!
    But the soundtrack i am looking for aint for me!

    Does anybody know where i can find the Lord of the rings(Fellowship of the ring) soundtrack???

    And what's the name of that song that is playing in the beggining of the movie when it describes the history of the ring?


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    The thing that describes the history isn't a song, it's just Galadriel speaking (it was supposed to be Treebeard bur Peter Jackson changed just about anything...)

    Anyway, just do a search in Kazaa. The song names are as follows:

    Artist: Howard Shore:

    1. The Prophecy
    2. Concerning Hobbits
    3. The Shadow of the Past
    4. The Treason of Isengard
    5. The Black Rider
    6. At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
    7. A Knife in the Dark
    8. Flight to the Ford
    9. Many Meetings
    11. The Ring Goes South
    12. A Journey in the Dark
    13. The Bridge of Khazad Dum
    14. Lothlorien
    15. The Great River
    16. Amon Hen
    17. The Breaking of the Fellowship

    Artist: Enya:

    10. The Council of Elrond (theme love song for Aragorn and Arwen)
    18. May it Be (theme song)

    I'm not sure about the sizes as i've encoded these in lower quality than what i got from KLite. Also i beleive that track 14 (Lothlorien) is performed by another artist, but i'm not sure who.

    Hope that helped... oh and listening to this music isn't stupid, at least not as far as i see it. I'd much rather listen to this than to most of the sh!t ppl listen to these days... HINT: Pink

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    Thank you very much!!!!

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    Do you happen to know the song that is playing while Galandriel is speaking(or right before she speaks?)?

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    In the KLF room on soulseek you will find a copy of this..

    just join share at least 100 songs prefarably full albums @192kbs...
    and you will be fine.. B)

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    By the way i found that song that i was looking for!Its no. 15 on the soundtrack and its name is the Great River. Its tha song that is playing right before Galandriel describes the ring and when Frodo is on Amon Hen right before Boromir attacks him!
    Anyway thank you!


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