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Thread: Episode II - Return of the Grasscutter Script

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    [news=]Newzmonster was a popular Usenet site which offered a unique service. Automated Usenet indexation. Unlike NewZBin which require editors to create NZBs or group posts, the Newzmonster team created a script known as the GrassCutter which indexes the entire Usenet library, grouping the posts together thus allowing the automation of creation of NZBs.
    This was the temporary answer for everyone's nzb's need, until in late march Newzmonster had decided to close its doors after fellow NZB sites received cease and desist letters from the MPAA.

    As things weren’t getting bad enough for the leechers, FD, the man behind it all decided to step down from the throne and sell the site and its script onto a new group of P2P enthusiasts.

    Its been nearly 5 months since Newzmonster left us with the odd incoherent message about its existence. i.e. they opened up a beta programme for v2 of Newzmonster on slyck forums a couple of months ago but no updates on that.
    So as filesplit does, we went and poked our noses in where its not meant to and got the load in on whats happening with the famous grasscutter script.

    Newzmonster has been off-line for quite some time, so what have you been up to? What new features can we expect?

    It has been offline for too long that is true, we found that we had 2 major projects on, 1 was Newzmonster and the other was, the thinking was that because the sites have traditionally been so closely related we would create 1 site design that suited both, this is what we have been working on. The site has been up for a couple months now and is more successful than it has ever been, the design and functionality of Snarf is identical to what will be available with Newzmonster, think Snarf-It but with NZB’s. Of course a few things will be different on the info pages etc but basically what you see now is what you will get.

    Has the grasscutter script been improved or altered in anyway since it was last released?

    Completely rewritten.

    Any chance of some sneak peaks or some screen shots?

    See snarf.

    Who is the new team behind newzmonster now? Are any of the previous owners involved?

    When can we expect to see Newzmonster online?

    Within the next week, the site is actually online already but looks shit as we haven’t finished the naming scripts, we won’t open up for beta until it looks presentable.

    Do you think you can bring back usenet indexing automation will have the same effect/response from the public as last time?

    Well we are so yes . I think the general public are crying out for it, there are a few NZB sites around but they depend on users uploading to them, because of this sites only get a few nzb's per day, Newzmonster can generate nzb's at a rate of 5000 per day. We don't intend to be selfish though, our policy is to help the communities we are a part of, just like Snarf-It who is about to publish its site code for download (which allows access to the snarf-it torrent db) Newzmonster will make available a feed for smaller NZB sites so they may populate their own databases from NZB files we create. The more sites around the more choice the public will have which has to be good news when the scene is dominated by a pay site at present.

    Source: Filesplit
    Homepage: Filesplit[/news]

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    Best news i've heard all week!

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    loved the old newzmonster site but the problem was often groups wouldnt be updated for days. I hope this new script updates the groups more often.


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