Its been on my mind for quite sometime now, who has taken NZBzone's place in the world of NZBs?

There are quite a few NZB sites which do offer a great service for sharing NZBs and straight up i don't think there are any which match upto NZBzone's standards, maybe that just could me being loyal or unwilling to change. However there are some great sites who work thier asses to make thier primary aim to increase the ease of NZB sharing.

Anyway, here are some sites which i think deserve some recognition.

The Peer Hub

The Peer Hub have a done a fantastic job in bringing something new to the NZB world. New look, new method, a good overall change that is needed after the king passed away sometime ago.
They have a great memberbase which continue to grow everytime i login (last time i check it was 18445) you can't deny fact that the NZB database matches the scale as thier memberbase. Thier NZB interface is great, could disguinish each NZB property slightly more, but i think thats down mostly to personal preference.
A highly active forum with a bit torrent tracker to go with it, seems like a beast to me. Only annoyances (and i use that word with great reluctancy) is the annoucements, which i think i have to clear out at least 2 everyday But if that what it takes to pay for the servers, then so be it.

The Peer Hub is simply a site you can't fail to miss.


From the creators of NewZBin, bring you a new site....Newzxxx. NewzXXX is NewZBins way of complying with thier bank demands, so they took thier adult section and made into a site of its own, at the same time making the service free! You can't beat NewZBin quality of service and makes it even better that they removed the credit system.
Without a doubt this should be the No.1 place for the adult side of usenet.


Even though this is fairly a new site, i instantly took a liking to its unique clean interface that made me wanting to click all the way to the stats page . Only thing that i think is lacking from the site is the variety of NZBs and the number of members, so hopefully this article will give some of that needed coverage to NZB-chat. Highly recommmend you take a look at this site, as im sure it will have something that you want, espesically when there is no regestration required for downloading...


NZBmatrix annoys me and craves for my love at the same time. With an excellent range of NZBs and easy-to-use interface it makes me think this could be my NZBhomepage. BUT then it lets me down everytime i look at an NZB. UseNeXt advertising. No need to explain more. Its like offering a great service with all the frills that go with it while shoving shit in your face at the same time. And i won't simply take 'It pays for the server costs' as an excuse as i know YPN probably pays more. It looks to me as they've exploited thier target audience to maximise thier earnings, whether those are for profit or mantaince, we don't know. However we'll leave UseNeXt for another article
Despite the rude advertising NZBmatrix should deserve your checking out as it does exactly as it says on the tin and im sure you will find yourself going back there. Good forums, good NZBs, good interface, bad shit in your face, you decide.


Well those are all the sites i can think of at the moment, you can get a bigger list of NZB sites over at and any NZB admins dont hesitate to contact me, if you want your site reviewed by us.

Happy Downloading...

Just an article i thought you guys would be interested in...