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Thread: Disappearing files?

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    I have an interesting problem downloading files to my laptop.

    I have installed Grabit and dl'd 2 different files as normal. They both went to their separate folders just like they should, however the folders are empty.

    I cannot find them anywhere on my drive (and there isn't much to sort through).

    I have no problems on my desktop and have resorted to dl'ing them onto it and Skyping them to my laptop.

    Any ideas as to why they are disappearing? Grabit shows the right size of file downloads, it just isn't there.

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    Try looking in the GrabIt folder like the cache folder. If you see folders named with numbers it may be that GrabIt has just not completed converting them to the folders they finish in. This is a bug that accasionally happens. If this is the case a reinstall may solve this...

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    Thanks RealitY

    You were right about the conversion but I actualy had to install an older version. Not sure why, but hey, it works now.


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