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    According to:

    There is a little gizmo that allows you to hack Sky Digital ... catch my drift?

    Erm ... if BSkyB are reading, I was just curious

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    I'm not sure what you're getting at...
    But I do know of a way to hack Canal+. The program's called cablecrypt. Unfortunately it doesn't work on Windows XP
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    Yes i have heard of this little box and i have been informed that it does work with pay per view channels.....

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    A gizmo like this has been for sale here in the US for some time. It's quite the scam.
    It may work for a short period of time but will come back and bite you in the ass! It blocks your receiver from sending info back to the PPV provider. Eventually they will catch on and send you a bill.

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    Its a load of shit guys..
    i had 1 a couple of yrs ago.The box works fine,but then like harrycary
    said later on u get a nice big bill through the post ..will i did anyway

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    Apparently you can get all ppv movies/sport etc for free on sky!

    When i had my Ntl broadband installed a couple of months back the ( dodgy ) engineer told me how to do it...don't get your hopes up tho 'cause i never managed to figure how to do it properly

    The guy was defo genuine in what he told me and he went on to tell me how he's watched hundreds of films/sport for free,no reason not to believe him he certainly knew what he was talking about.

    Anyway it sounds pretty simple but it involves finding a 5 and a 2 where the modem connects inside the digibox (this is where it went tits up for me,couldnt find the 5/2 (

    If anybody fancies their chances finding them all you then do is connect a 9volt battery and hey presto free movies etc

    Remember this is what a ntl engineer told me and for what it's worth i believed what he said!

    Anyone have any joy with this make sure you let us all know

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    LoL that box will not work.

    The priniciple behind it is to make your digibox send all the pricing information back to that battery instead of bskyb. of course it will never receive any kind of confirmation from bskyb so the box holds onto all the information until you are stupid enough to wire your box back up to phone line. THis is when you will recieve the moster bill that you never thought you would get.

    Canal + uses encrytion on the cards so they believe that bskyb cracked it and gave the information to the underground to exploit it.

    bskyb's boxes are also encrypted as well as the cards. so nobody has cracked it as of yet. so no free channles. There is/was a scam with the non digi boxes but i don't think they broadcast that any more.


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