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Thread: Audio Application bit torrents

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    Hi Peeps,

    I'm pretty much new to the whole bit torrent malarky. Can any one advise me on the best bit torrents for music software andalso how difficult it will be for me to join



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    audionews is the best one I think. As far as I know they open registrations monthly.

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    Used audiofarm a lot.But it was shut down. looks like its quite hard to find other audio appz sites.

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    its hard for those who are blind, indeed but for those who can see as Sonix69 said its audionews

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    Sorry for that. But it would be nice if there was someone who new some good audi sites other than audionews.
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    there's also pro audio torrents

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    Oinks is a music tracker but they also have audio apps.

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    hmm.. Thanks for the site.

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    Audionews are huge..they have everything you'll ever need...the best
    Proaudio are growing again after a server change..still a few hiccups but are a good alternative.
    At the atm both require invites.

    Audionews are planning a Server change sometime!

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