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Thread: Windows Xp Will Not Close Down

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    Help !!!! I have recently encountered a rather strange thing .... I do not know how it's happened but when I click "turn off computer" it starts to shut down, with the words windows is shutting down but the back screen with 'it's safe to turn off' the computer somehow re-starts. And no, I do not press re-start. I have looked at a friends, going into the RUN file, and using the "msconfig" system and copying same onto mine. The only temp thing I can do is to switch off the power just before it re-boots.

    ANY suggestions would be very much appreciated as this is quite frustrating and I am sure, not doing the computer any good.

    Luckydog (Dave)

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    control panel - power options - APM tab and Enable Advanced Power Management support

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    Thanks for suggestion but sadly this did not solve the problem .... when I looked it was already enabled. I have tried shutting down but each time it re-starts itself. I even tried to shutedown with it disabled but neither works.

    Thanks again, Luckydog

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    Try this troubleshooting site. Windows XP shutdown & restarting troubleshooting

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    hold you on button in that will shutdown manualy.

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    Check out number 76 at Kellys Korner XP Tweaks.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks guys for reply .... will try these and let you know how I get on.


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