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Thread: Fast, Anonymous Open-Source Filesharing

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    RShare ( is a new promising anonymous filesharing-client from germany. It's the fastest anonymous p2p-programm i've ever seen. It's functions are very impressive and it's easy usable. So, try it out! Actual version is 0.7 (FE). is a anonymous-p2p-forum with english and german sections, whitch RShare author (Lars) often visits to get inspiration and hear about feature-wishes.

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    I checked it out but it doesn't appear to have enough nodes to be truly anonymous...there is a post on the board in reference to some guys using it and being able to see each other's ip addresses....I'll give it some time before I try it but thanks for letting us know.

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    LOL a ripoff of

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    It's good some person's are becoming inspired we need that!
    I'll wait a little more before trying this.

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    next 'anonymouse fast' filesharing way. You can either download fast of anonymously. No other options.

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    will check it out thanks

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    hehhe it seem a nice found ll check it out


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