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Thread: Best system monitoring tool?

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    Which program the best system monitoring tool?

    I only know CoolMon 2

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    Everest Home Edition.



    Depends on what you want to do with the info you gather.
    Both MBM and Speedfan will output data for display (either in the systray or a "dashboard" or to a LCD display) while Everest does not.

    MBM allows for adjusting the results if you know a particular sensor reads high/low.

    All three are dependent on the data output of the motherboard- data which is generally considered to be wildly inaccurate in most cases but still useful to assess general conditions and trends.

    Speedfan is probably the easiest and most convenient to use.
    MBM has been out of production for a while but still has a devoted fanbase which continues to work on it. If you're fortunate, someone has already built the custom config files for your motherboard (this was the case for my DFI boards) and if so, MBM can display an amazing amount of information.

    Everest has only rudimentary temp/voltage monitoring but far more system information than the other two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clocker View Post
    Depends on what you want to do with the info you gather.
    different temps
    fan speed

    I think SpeedFan does this
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