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Thread: Azureus is out

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    May 2006
    post here what do you think about the new features and bugfixes :p

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    i have used azureus before this but not stable enough for me speedwise. i wonder if this latest version will be any different. thanks, will check it out!

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    old good

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    Dr. Lecter's Avatar Zeppelin For Life BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    Jun 2005
    I would b carefull starting using it b4 some1 else tried & check it.
    sites like BitmeTv - if they find something wrong in this version & u're using it - U're Ban !!!

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    gamer4eva's Avatar Torrent_King BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    Apr 2006
    I have always never liked azureas....even though its stashed on my computer . I would recommend you to do what Dr Lecter said and actually check the sites client ban/allow list before attempting to use the new piece of software.
    Temptations The Ultimate Flaw In Humans

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    has the 'dissapear' bug been fixed yet, anyone experienced that problem with this version and or previous versions, if u have the problem ull know what the dissapear bug is :p

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    FreeDoom's Avatar Obsessed By Cruelty
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    Jun 2006
    Some sites ban this client, some sites ban that, some sites ban a port range, others ban other port range...someday we'll have to have various progs and definitions to be in this trackers...

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    it keeps telling me to update but i haven't yet

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    enjoy_with_me's Avatar PriSon BrEaKer BT Rep: +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45
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    Aug 2006
    one of the best bittorrent clients , but I still prefer using u torrent

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    frizshizzle's Avatar now paranoid. BT Rep: +1
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    Aug 2006
    good ol' England
    new good

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