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Thread: start up prgrams

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    hi, when my pc boots up there are lots of programs that start up and i dont need them. if im right there is a command that i can type in the run box which shows me all the programs that start at boot up and i can disable them. if this is correct what is the command please??

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    just to add. ccleaner has a nice way of deleting startup progs. just for ur info.
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    i've done that but i get a message saying 'windows cannot find 'msconfig' ???

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    If you're using Windows 2000, that Run command won't work; MS didn't include it in 2K for whatever reason. Try Startup Control Panel.

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    If you really want to know what's going on at start-up, use AutoRuns

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    get regcleaner here: and check the startup tab. Remove the ones you don't need.

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    hiloman67, i dl that start up program, but the auto runs program that barbarossa advised i feel is better for me. i have tried to delete the start up prgram but cant. how can i do it??

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    I find the simple programs like Regcleaner or Ccleaner easier to use . All the Utility Programs seem to have a start up editor . I'm confused tho why can't you delete them , Is it Spy ware ?

    Or if its a program like Msn or Yahoo you can disable in tools /options .
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