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Thread: Dvd Ripping Is So Hard

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    I just wanted to know if anyone out there used Super DVD Ripper ...

    If so how easy is it to use...

    another thing i wanted to ask was - is there any program on Kazaa that rippes DVD's but requires practically no DVD ripping knowledge as i just tried to rip a movie using the information from - WWW.DIVXLAND.ORG - but it was no good. all i want is a DVD ripper that doesn't require me to calculate... plz help me as i have some great movies to rip but i just can't fucking do it ( maybee cos i'am a retard ) but help me out anyway

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    Download Gordian Knot

    Print out the Gordian Knot Guide.

    Follow the step-by-step guide and you'll have a perfect rip.

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    I have a program were i poot a DVD in the drive and say go and sum time later it asks me to poot cds in and it berns it ands then it dus to ezey

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    DVD Shrink + Nero. That's all you need. This will get a regular DVD onto one DVD-R.
    Or if you want to keep 100% quality (no compression, 2 discs) - DVD Decrypter + DVDXCOPY + Nero.

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    For burning to DVD-R, I use smartripper, then DVD2ONE, then RecordnowMax to burn to disk. If you are converting to divx, or SVCD, or some other format, then you'll need to re-encode first. This can be difficult for a newbit, so take your time, and be patient. I've burned a few coasters in my time. B)
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    Fuck all of them Movie Jack 3 is the best


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