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Thread: Where's the best place to download a rare TV series?

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    Bodyguards was a TV series aired in the UK in 1997 starring Louise Lombard & Sean Pertwee. It only had a pilot episode and 6 x 1hr long episodes.
    I've spent years trying to get hold of the tv series, even contacting the original production company. I'm hoping it exists on a download site somewhere........even willing to pay for the downloads. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

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    If u know people than u can meet on any sharing program u like lol

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    I searched every torrent site i have and found nothing, sorry m8

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    There's very few places and very few movies/series that ya can download at certain sites.Sorry I don't know about that particular one but I think their starting to put alot of tv series movies,seasons on DVD.They usually come in boxed sets.


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