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Thread: Posting NZB's

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    I am new to newsgroup downloading and was wondering what is proper etiquette when posting NZB's to this site. Meaning, can I post NZB's that I find at other sites that may interest people here or do I have to create them completely on my own. I realize it is not that big of deal making an NZB but I do not want to just copy and upload one then get told that doing it is wrong. I would like to be a contributing member to this forum.

    If this has already been answered I apologize in advance but I could not find it in my search!

    Thank You

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    Just upload from whatever/whoever you want.

    I don't think it is possible to tag an NZB with names etc. either other than the file name.

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    its fine to use them from other sites.

    just make sure its not already posted here

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    Thank you for the replies! Let the posting begin

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    Most important on the site is filling in the fieds such as links and so on since the script has many features and is best utilized when the fields are filled in properly. You can read more info about the script at...


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