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Thread: What Is Bittorent ?

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    YO ! B)

    Bittorent what is it ? where do I Get it ?

    I've downloaded something that says it is bittorent but I don't think it works as it should. I've even dl'ed the new experiment bittorent and that did'nt seem to work either. So Hope you lucky fuckers enjoy downloading X Men 2 cos it looks I won't be seeing yet.

    Oh and has anybody got "john Carpenters The Thing"

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    Oh and has anybody got "john Carpenters The Thing"
    game or film ?

    here's the sig2dat for the game.

    Length:155615855 Bytes,151969KB

    oh and i'd like to see the film
    i'v done lots of searches on K/L & had no results.

    i hope this helps.

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    Bittorent is another p2p client.
    It works much differently than kazaa.
    It lets you have unlimited download bandwidth depending on who you
    download from and will use the same speed to upload to other users who want
    same file.

    you can get it if u follow links from here

    When you find a torrent link to a file on the internet from the above webpage and others,
    all you have to do is click "download" and bittorent will auto startup.

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    X Men 2 is class, I got the first release the day it was on the net and watched it (about 1.4GB) and now I am gettin the 2nd release (about 1.6GB) this movie is a real bitch, it's made me download so much, I got both releases from Bitorrent it's nice and easy to use, just like IE downloader but better. Only problem is the speed, I've been getting 30 - 40kb and been uploading at 30kb, it should be downloading faster but who cares, it's worth the wait.

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    hmm, when i clicked opened the download it auto installed, where the heck did it install the program to? And how come it doesnt tell you where when it installs?

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    Dont worry about that n shortcuts ) Its in your program files )

    Anyway. When u go to the link sites -- just click d/l and it wil come up automatically, that is u dont do anything but click on the links ) It fast as hell. i got 600kB/sec on the Daredevil OST the other day!

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    does it take a while to get connected to users like kazaa cos at the moment im dwnldin at 13kbs and uploading at 26kbs

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    Originally posted by gaun@6 May 2003 - 09:22
    does it take a while to get connected to users like kazaa cos at the moment im dwnldin at 13kbs and uploading at 26kbs
    In most cases no. I've reached speeds exceeding 300 kB/s. However, bittorrent tend to focus on current popular release files, which will usually last a couple of weeks. It's not good for searching older movies or TV shows. You must find websites that list the current files. This one (Click Here)has a pretty big list of websites that offer torrents.

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    where do u get the version were u can change download otions and stuff??

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    bit torrent has no download options, the closest u can get is torrentspy, just download the torrent file and open it, then it will start downloading the file, however make sure u have space on your hd, cos it will allocate the space before u download the file, so if u download a 1.4 gig file it will use 1.4 gigs of your harddrive for it, even if u havent started to download,

    i hope that makes sense.

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