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    When I found this on K-Lite, it was labeled 'Foo Fighters ft. Kurt Cobain - The One To Find'. I know that it can't be Foo's music because the Foo's were formed after Cobain died. I can't find any information on this song. Can someone help me?

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    Link didn't work for me.

    Could it be someone who has just put Kurt singing over a Foo Fighters backing track or something?

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    It aint Kurt singing, someone probably had the track and thought it sounded like him.

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    I think im not sure it might be a foo fighters ong of their first album someone probaly stuffed up and doesnt know the difference between nirvana and the foo fighters

    im not sure but i think its on the foo fighters first album self titled

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    I listened to it again and it aint Foo's either (def not off debut album or any of others). What does the girl say at the beginning? Can't make it out myself but it could be the band name.

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    It's probably someone's amateur band with a singer that wants to try and sound like Kurt Cobain. If you search for Oasis you'll get a few amateur bands that have renamed their files.


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