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Thread: Ip Address Problems...

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    Okay so like here is my problem..

    I keep on having to renew my dumb IP address... okay.. its like I have cable modem.. all had been fine. But lately my net started acting gay and not workin so I called a tech. He told me to repair my IP address... I keep on havin to do this.. ALLL THEEE TTIIIMMMEEE !!! sometimes it like crashes and I have to restert my pc unplug the modem and plug it back in and repair the IP address. And well I was wonerin if my dl'in things had anythin whatsoever to do with this.. even when I don't dl thing my IP acts gay. But I didnt kno if perhaphs there was some odd alien force doing this that I hadnt ever heard of.
    Or actually ... I unplugged my modem to record off movies with my TV-OUT. Now I had gotten a block thingy to block dumb pop-up adds. But they still came.. so I unplugged it. And it was fine before this... and liek a month later it acted liek a retard.. when I unplugged it the first time.. it like had trouble recognizin the modem.. but the tech told me when I unplug it, the pc has to be off and such. No I didnt tell the tech i dl movies and such . So has anyone else had this problem.. is there a way to make it stop this insanity.. it goes slllooooowwwww messes up wont work.. its evil !!! And Idotn hava alot of crap on my pc.. I just cleared it.. wait do i even make sense ???

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    Oh and also I dont think I asked this.. do I need a new IP address or sumtin ? And also when Iam dl'in from bitorrent it goes like 3kbs a second.. is this bc my net probs.. or am I jsut lucky ?

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    Any help would be much appriciated.... Thanks

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    So am I the only one who has had this prob...

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