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Thread: Anyone does any CSS/HTML ?

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    I got a torrent site and I need some to help finish a design up it is done but needs adjusting/adding tables/and adding another layer please if anyone would like to help please give me a msg or post! Would be nice I really need someone to help with serisous experience with torrent sites and other websites and has the time. I don't know what to award honeslty a special rank on the torrentsite ? I dont got money because I pay for the server so any takers?


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    I would help you but I've been really busy starting work and have stuff to work on with this site.
    But if you post questions I can answer them.

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    :-/ Well m8, I only need a free time m8 ( i need some1 temperararly) it iz a bt site m8, it is like 80% almost done, How good are you though ?
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    I suggest you check out video tutorials that can teach you how to do everything yourself. Or you can always hire a freelancer from a site like


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