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    I downlaoded what I thought would be Dreamcatcher but it was a different movie. I'ts good quality and one I wanted anyway. How do I change the title attribute so when I share it folks know what they are downloading?

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    Go to My Kazaa Lite, Find the File, Right click and click "edit details.."

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    Personally, I just delete them. Renaming them only helps contribute to the RIAA/MPAA side of things.
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    Originally posted by Godfather_Giovanni@6 May 2003 - 00:37
    I downlaoded what I thought would be Dreamcatcher but it was a different movie. 
    Last month I downloaded several files of the POW footage not shown in the U.S. When I opened one of the files, it was porn. Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude; I enjoy downloading porn, but it teed me off that some ahole would have done something like that.

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    If you are unsure compare the title name and actual file name. It's quicker for folks to change the title vs. messing with the file name itself. Usually the file name will be the correct movie vs. what the title says.......................again usually.
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