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Thread: Please Help Me! Fellow File Sharers!

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    Hi everyone!
    I have just downloaded my first movie (Ghostship), woopee!! i hear you shout! Well, I need help because I want to put it on CD (VCD), but aitn got a clue how!

    So, how?

    By the way, it's a pukka copy!

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    By the way, I'm not a timewaster or anything. I've bin using Kazaa for a while. But am new here!

    I mainly use Kazaa for accapellas and instrumentals (to make bootlegs for my own mixes - im a dj), but have just got into the film downloading since I found out what VERIFIEDS are! How useful are they?!!!

    I have got a 256k Connection too.

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    verifieds are good because you dont have to waste your time downloading a fake.

    However, searching for a file yourself and downloading what you find can assure you
    of a faster download (according to Paul's "downloading the fast way" under tips)

    to convert to vcd or svcd you can search internet for converters

    they are everywhere

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    [EDIT] Nero has a add-on to convert avi to VCD

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    I have downloaded a couple of convertors, but I found them too bloody hard to suss out!

    Do any of you know a simple one that you have, which is free to download? Which I could then download, and get some help again on the convertor if needed?

    I know I'm asking alot, but I really want to take Ghost Ship down to my girlfriends this week-end so I get cuddles when she's scared! lol

    Help really appreciated!

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    In case you didn't get me, cuz I probably didn't make sense! lol

    I have a movie i downloaded.

    It's AVI

    I want to put this movie onto a CD which I can then play in a normal DVD Player (which plays VCDs).


    Thanks peeps!

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    No other way but to decompress the audio and encode the resulting audio and video file into an mpg format. has the guides you'll need.

    BTW, the encoding process takes anywhere from 3-30 hours depending on your computer.

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    I don't mind how long it takes really, the thing I'm really after, is a program where I import my file into it, then click a button which spits the correct file out the other end to write to cd.

    Once I have the correct file format, is it simply a case of wrting that file to a CD (as a data cd) then slappin the disc in a DVD player?

    I really ain't got a bloody clue here peeps! Please help!

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    That's the exact page you'll want. You'll need TMPGEnc, which is free and there's a link to it on that page. I could explain it here but the guide does it much better. Basically it turns the .avi into a .mpg. You then just burn the .mpg to CD not as data, but as a Video CD (VCD). If you use Nero it is one of the options at the beginning.

    It's reasonably simple, see how far you get with that and if you have any questions ask in movieworld, there are lots of people who do converting and can help you out with specific questions or problems.

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    Wicked! Just the kinda answer I was after!

    Cheers mate!

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