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Thread: They Only Look At The File Names?

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    Since the folks in the "biz" simply type in a filename, see who's sharing it, start the download, nail down the IP, and then off goes that magical letter to your ISP.

    Then here's my question, since a file is identified by the "hash" and not the name, then if something were put in verifieds and named "whatever", how would they find that.

    I thought about this when a supposed letter was mailed to someone who had downloaded a fake, and it sat on their drive overnight, while being uploaded. This means if true, they don't even check the actual content of what your sharing, just the name.

    I see new walls to hind behind already.

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    I'm new to all this, and very much lost!

    I just want get my collection of accapellas, instrumentals and movies bigger n even bigger, to share with all you lovely people!!

    Oh, I do need to find out how to put the movies on CD though! LoL.

    What are the chances, realistically, of being done for anything, when all I do is download the files for personal use, not to sell n stuff? Is it really high? Cuz I dont know. Also, what do you reckon the percentage is of all files on Kazaa that are real, and not blank, not what the title is, or viruses?

    Any of those questions answered would be cool! Cheers in advance.

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    hi there !
    don't take too much notice of all the hype re:-fileswapping. no one on this forum has come forward and said i'm in handcuffs. RELAX . use the AVI preview when downloading movies, as it will give you early insight to authenticity as for viruses, just keep your anti-virus up to date and it will tell you before it's opened if it contains a virus.

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    I am GLAD your so HAPPY.


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