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Thread: Software to password protect files/folders

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    I'm looking for a smiple, effective program to password pretect certain files and folders. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I need something like this too.....double the demand calls for double the speed of results.
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    I had something once called "Crypt LocK" (I think). It worked fine but would only password protect the individual files and not the entire folder and not sure if there is a download anymore and a WinXP version. I would prefer something that would lock the entire folder but would settle for that if it's all there is.

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    I'm a little surprised that no one has any suggestion.

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    Try 'Lock my Folder' (Demonoid has torrent). One of the few programs
    that even protect in safe mode.

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    Its free, open source and has no spyware/adware/virus shit.
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    Thanks everyone, I'll give them a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erRor67 View Post
    Its free, open source and has no spyware/adware/virus shit.
    This program really sounds interesting, and I was wondering if you have ever tried this software? Is it reliable? I only want to encrypt certain files and folders but do want to make sure I do not loose the date in the encryption process. Nor do I want to encrypt other files and folders or inadvertently render them useless.

    This sure sounds like a useful program if it does all it claims but also sounds a little complex. Would I be better off with a simpler program?
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