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Thread: ATI Driver problem

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    I recently updated my rather old driver to the latest and am having a problem.
    I have an ATI 9800pro card.
    I wish to use the screen resolution 1280 x 1024.
    Upon restarting, I seem to lose the left side of my screen.
    The resolution says it is on the correct one but still, part is now cut off.
    I find I have to change and apply a different resolution and then go back to the one I want to correct this.
    However, the most recent reboot saw me having to change the monitor refresh rate to correct it.
    I have the two ATI services disabled as I read they were unnecessary.
    Is there any way I can resolve this?

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    1280 x 1024 ? Yikes how can you even read the screen . Does adjusting your Monitor settings help ? You know the buttons on the front have settings you can change to stretch or adjust height , width .

    Hmm just tried on my 9700 pro but had to adjust my monitor to fit the screen . I have new drivers from ATI, dated 7/18/06 ver. . You can always roll back drivers thru Device Manager as a last resort .
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