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    Hi all. Can anyone suggest a good (and simple) program to connect to my work network through my home network? I can get the permissions at work. I'm unsure if I need a small program like Timbuktu or a larger program such as ISA Server, I just downloaded both programs but would like to hear any advise on them (or an alternative) before installing. Both are the simplist of networks going through firewalls, XP Home @ home and W2K Pro @ office.

    I know, not really a Kazaa topic, but I've been lurking in the shadows of this board for a while and feel confident of the expertise here. (Shameless asskissing :* )

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    Depending on what you want to do, the following is the simplest (though not most useful):

    WinXP Home & Pro have Remote Desktop Connection (under Accessories/Communications).

    This will allow you to access your work PC or home PC.

    Hope this helps.

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    how about putty.

    or pcanywhere.

    It all depends on what you want to do. tell us what your job is and what kinda connection you are thinking about and we will be able to help you more.

    as in do you want to be able to see a desktop or are you happy with a command line connection.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I simply want to connect to the network with my home computer as I would with my work computer. Unfortunately, I have to put in MANY hours this summer and would like to spend most of them at home. This is a small business, so no IT available. I've tried the WinXP route, no success whatsoever, I'll look into this more. I'll be working on files from both my and others computers, rearranging the contents of others computers, etc. I have full administrator rights, so anything simple will work, as long as I can log into the network I'll be set. I'm not very network savvy, I thing that the gateway firewall is keeping me from logging in, and I'm not sure if I need the computer IP or the Gateway IP. Even if someone can suggest a website to learn more, I'm more than willing to teach myself. A command line connection is not an option.


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