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Thread: Win Xp Pro On Kazaa

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    I was just wondering if anyone had downloaded Win XP Pro from Kazaa used it, and is 100% satisfied

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    Downloaded : YES
    Used it : YES
    Satisfied : I used to be running WINME........YES!

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    very satisfied. no offence to any 1 elses version but i used trshady's pro corp

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    I used TRShady's verified also. Everything was great and really easy to install.... but.... I was trying to install PRO into an HP computer and when it was all said and done i think i was missing a certain graphics card driver or something. I couldn't get my resolution any higher then 16-bit 640X???. Everything on the screen was really big and impossible to navigate around on the net. I wondered what other drivers or things that i might be missing so i ultimatly thought that reverting back to my Home edition would be the best idea.

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    yes dled it works perfect off kazaa

    504 meg it was

    never had a problem

    some people say the 449 megs one works too!!

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    thanks a lot guys, really appreciate it


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