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Thread: Ip Address Problems & Bittorent Question

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    I tried postin this in Movieworld.. but I didnt get a response so I am gonna post it in here... where I prolly shud of in the first place... Cuz this is REALLY gettin on my nerves...

    Okay so like here is my problem..

    I keep on having to renew my dumb IP address... okay.. its like I have cable modem.. all had been fine. But lately my net started acting gay and not workin so I called a tech. He told me to repair my IP address... I keep on havin to do this.. ALLL THEEE TTIIIMMMEEE !!!
    ometimes it like crashes and I have to restert my pc unplug the modem and plug it back in and repair the IP address. And well I was wonerin if my dl'in things had anythin whatsoever to do with this.. even when I don't dl thing my IP acts gay. But I didnt kno if perhaphs there was some odd alien force doing this that I hadnt ever heard of.

    Or actually ... I unplugged my modem to record off movies with my TV-OUT. Now I had gotten a block thingy to block dumb pop-up adds. But they still came.. so I unplugged it. And it was fine before this... and like a month later it acted liek a retard.. when I unplugged it the first time.. it like had trouble recognizin the modem.. but the tech told me when I unplug it, the pc has to be off and such.

    No I didnt tell the tech i dl movies and such . So has anyone else had this problem.. is there a way to make it stop this insanity.. it goes slllooooowwwww messes up wont work.. its evil !!! And I dont hava alot of crap on my pc.. I just cleared it.. wait do i even make sense ???

    Oh do I need a new IP address or sumtin ? And also when I am dl'in from bitorrent it goes like 3kbs a second.. is this bc my net probs.. or am I just lucky ? I tried to use that bottorent thing where you can control your rates and whatnot but EVERY time I went to install it I got some error...

    Any help would be very much appriaciated !!!

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    are you connecting thru a usb port or nic card. Also when you have to repair your ip address what does it begin with. Is it a 169.xx.xx.xx or a 192.xx.xx.xx

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    I had a similar problem...and it was the cable modem at fault (surfboard modem).

    It was solved by cutting power to the Modem...there is no need to re-boot the PC...just run IPconfig after you turn it back on.

    Moving this to Hardware might get some advice there.....

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    I work for a cable modem internet as tech support. Perhaps I can help with your question. As for rat are right. We have a lot of problems with the surfboard modems. the motorolla sb 4200's. Those are one of the ones that we use. I like sticking to the toshiba modems. I have had less problems with them but some cable companys just give you a modem and you really dont have a choice and some let you buy your own. Let me know what you are connected thru (usb or nic), do you have any routers or networks setup, What version of windows do you have.....and not that it makes a difference but what is the name of the isp if you can say. What does the ip address look like. Is it a 192.xx.xx. or a 169.xx.xx. . Thanks. and hope I can help

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    First off, thank ya'll soo much for replyin !!! I just now seen that people did...

    Dude !!! I have a Surfboard 4100 !!! Like how do you mean connected thru usb or nic ??? If ya mean like modem to pc.. its thru a phone like cord end things.. is that what ya'll are talkin bout ??? Ahh!!! Whats a reuter or network setup.. I think I have alot to learn... I have windows XP... and I guess I ..well wait... like how bad is it to reveal one's IP... The first few numbers are... . I noticed it has like a IP address then a subnet then a defualt.. does that matter... lol.. I am SOO clueless... wait is that even what you wanted... Thanks joebee20 !!!

    Thanks, Rat Faced... and wait do you mean like just unplug them modem power ??? I have done that a bunch.. and like IP config.. is that the place where I repair the IP and such...

    I learned I can just put standby to record off a movie rather than unplug the modem... then it don't act like a retard as much...

    I sound like a clueless idiot.. But I do so much appriciate the help !!!

    *I hope I make sense...

    * Wait.. what does ISP stand for ... Internet service provider ??

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    I know what you are talking about. I used to have the same problem with pop up ads when I got Win XP and a cable modem. I think you need to go to the control panel, then click on administrative tools. Go to the service and applications and then to services. Double click on the messanger icon and under the general tab change the startup type to disabled and under service status hit stop. This should get rid of the pop ads found in Win XP so you don't need to unplug your modem. This should help you with some of your problems. Also, I hink that you installed a pop up killer for web pages. Those pop ups are different from the ones in XP. That program probally only stops the pop ups that apperar when you are using your browser.

    I hope this helps with some of your problems

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    Hey thanks dude.. I am gonna try that ASAP !!! Oh and I had installed something called Spybot...


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