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Thread: Quick question on Newsgroups, only take a sec...I hope

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    So Ive been using newsgroups for years. Ive always used the application Newsbin Pro to access groups. My question is, why do some files fail? Ill come across posts that I really want, like certain songs etc and when you go to download them nothing happens. Other files in the same group work fine, only some fail. The little indicator box turns red and nothing. What is up with that? How can I get these files to download?

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    Im using the server "" if that matters...

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    If it turns red then the file is obviously incomplete, the file is either too old, your Usenet provider has bad completion or the uploaders Usenet provider has bad completion. Just see if there are any PAR files with the file your trying to download.

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    I use newsbin pro. When you have started a file that wont download click the connections tab just above your download list and it will tell you what reply your getting from the news server (should say no such file or something)


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