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Thread: NAT Configuration

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    Yo! My first post.
    I'm sure the info I need is somewhere on this site; maybe someone can direct me to it or just right out explain this to me.

    I've been using uTorrent, BitComet and now Azureus. Frustrated with 1 & 2 Kbs per second d/l's. Just discovered about NAT configuration and mine is obviously poor.

    Having trouble understanding the NAT configuration steps provided by AzureusWiki website.

    Can someone direct me to a configuration guide that I can understand or explain to me anything basic to at least get me a faster d/l?

    I use a Westell DSL ethernet modem connected to my computer with Verizon as my ISP. The Verizon Network tech was a real *!#*&#!?#* when I asked about configuring my NAT and the reason why I wanted it.

    I also use ZoneAlarm as my firewall.

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    Hi, i don't know if this will help:

    It's seems a little long and complicated

    Good luck

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    Try for instructions on configuring routers and torrent clients.

    I use a Westell DSL ethernet modem connected to my computer with Verizon as my ISP
    A modem doesnt have any ports to open as its not a router, there are modem/routers though.

    Have you enabled protocol encrytion in azureus as some isp's actively block torrent traffic now also make sure your not using the default port number of 6881 as most isp's block that port by default and tracker sites also block it. Set a port in the range of 50 000 to 60 000 in azureus.

    Found this guide for Westel Modem dsl300t modem, not sure its your model but you should be able to find it on that site if its not it.

    Had another thought and XP by default limits the amount of tcp connections to 10, get the patch from here to increase the number and connect to more people with the file your after.

    Hope this info helps you in some way
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