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Thread: ok, here comes the n00b question..

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    have been trying to figure out those usenet things in last few days.
    for exapmle, recently one guy wrote, that he is sing server, I looked for this server in , it says

    User name: your Primary email address (example: [email protected])
    Password: your password

    so, i go to the, but i cant find a link to the signup.. It means, that I can't signup there, I must use their service to get that mail, righ? only then I can use their server?

    ok, maybe you could name me a server, which is free of charge, no limits,no passwords? there is no sauch server, right? well, then maybe you could mane me a free of charge server that you are using, whitch is kindda fast, no paswords.. or is it a secret? I found one, in the same, which they said I no password protected, but when I wanted to download something, nothing was happening..


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    comcast is an american isp.
    u need to get internet access from them to use their usenet service.

    there was a discussion recently about free newsgroups located here:

    i actually tried this 1
    Server Login:Any ( it does not require a login as such just put anything )
    Server Password Any ( Again anything will do )
    some ppl reported slow speeds, about 25kB/s
    i got about 160-180kB/s on the movie i downloaded, all the way through.

    ur still best going with a paid newsswerver though, as alot of things i searched for weren't available, for various reasons.


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