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Thread: ı have a problem in oink

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    there is a problem upload for me in can hepl me?why dont upload?

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    1. there are no leechers
    2. you are not connectable (neither are the leechers)
    3. the leechers are partial seeders

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyhula28 View Post
    there is a problem upload for me in can hepl me?why dont upload?
    What file did you upload so I can take a look at the torrent or are you asking how to make a torrent so that you can upload it to Oink?

    More Details are needed so I can be of some help.

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    unless i'm mistaken (your post is quite unclear) then I think your problem is that your seeding files, they just aren't uploading anything. I've tried searching for your username on the site, but it appears your using a different one.

    Anyway if aren't getting any upload despite the fact that your seeding torrents, then syD is right with his reasons:

    *no leechers - if a torrent doesn't have any leechers then there is no one to download from you so you don't upload anything.

    *over seeded torrent - if every leecher has already maxed out their download speeds on the seeders on that torrent then it is possible you wont be uploading anything.

    * unconnectable - this wont prevent you from uploading, although it will limit the number of people you are able to download from and upload to. there are numerous guides about this around which you can read.

    * partial seeders - a torrent may show 20 seeders and 4 leechers, however the 4 leechers in their client may have configured to not download every file of the torrent, completed those which they did want to download, however it will still show them as leeching rather than seeding.


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