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    is there a way to burn .bin images with nero burning rom without a .cue file or a program that will i can burn the .bin image with nero but of course it doesnt work i havent learned to make my own .cue file spreads yet i might at some time but for the most part dont think i should have too there has got to be some software out there that can write them to a cd/dvd-rw without those crap .cue files iv tried CDRCDAO which is suppose to be a good 1 but the trial version wont let you burn anything over 300mb and im not buying it until i can test it

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    Do this:

    1. Open Notepad and paste this.

    FILE "image-name.BIN" BINARY  
    TRACK 01 MODE1/2352  
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    (Where "image-name.bin" is the name of your bin file.)

    2. Go to File > Save As, and save it with the same name as your bin file, and make it have a .cue extension.

    3. Place the bin and cue in the same folder, and burn the cue in Nero.

    That's what I do when I don't have a cue, and it works for me.

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    I remember there being a software that actually does make cue files. I forgot the program name though.

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    The cue file posted will work most but not all the time. You should really have a copy of ultraiso anyway so get it, import the .bin file and then save as bin/cue and it will make the cue for you in the proper format. You can also import bin's with a cue and save as iso to get a smaller file size for storage. Bin/Cue 800mb to Iso 700mb. Ultraiso will also let you add files to iso images and then save again. This comes in handy if your making a disk for your friend and you want to put instructions or extras on the disk (as long as you don't go over the maximum size for a cd/dvd anyway).

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    I think you can burn .bin files without the .cue using ImgBurn:

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    Google "lior's cue maker".

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    I burn image files without needing any addition files, im doing that for few years. I don't remember when i used the cue file the last time.


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