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Thread: Xp Firewall

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    I fired up my internet for the first time with xp. and started downloading.
    What the hell? my speed is down to a trickle
    So I figured: "maybe its xp's firewall" Disable xp's firewall and BOOM, back up to normal B)
    (This is the only thing I can account for the problem)
    I'm going to install zone alarm becuase I had no problem with it in the past

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    Another thing you might want to try is going into your network connection properties and disabling (or uninstalling) the "QOS Packet Scheduler." It tends to have a limiting effect on your bandwidth.

    Anyway . . .


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    It's a wise decision to use 3rd party software for a firewall. The XP version only blocks incoming traffic anyways. It won't detect a trojan.

    ZoneAlarm is a good choice.


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