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    I updated my pc to sevice pack 2 and now when i want to watch a movie, instead of windows media player opening the movie file and downloading it and buffering it, a window pops up that says downloading to temp folder, then when its done it plays the file. How do it make it so windows media player just autopmatically downloads the file within its self and then plays it.....

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    Its probably just a different wording. buffering and saving to a temp area is the same thing. Buffering could be your cd burner using memory or virtual memory to hold data while it is transfered to the disk. In the same way when you view a file from the net if it says its buffering its actually saving the file to a temp area before it plays it, so buffering and saving to a temp folder is the same thing. Actually, if you find the temp folder (documents and settings > your name > Local settings > temp or temp internet) you can make a copy of the media and save it for later. Just look around in there for a file large enough with a title that reflects the name of the file your viewing.


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