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Thread: Pulling A Sicky

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    hey what do you guys think, i can't be arsed going to work today so i've phoned in sick so i can mess about on the pc all day ...........who thinks i should be sacked who thinks i'm right for doing this and i should fuck work

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    definitely should be sacked, IF they find out, but for now, enjoy, that's what sick days are for
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    heheh just went over the doctors he said "how long do you want me to sign you off for and what with, I now have conjunctivitus and have to take the rest of the week off cos&#39; it&#39;s contagious oooooh me poor eyes

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    I want your doctor&#33; I&#39;ve only had two sick days this year... maybe time for another? Hmmmm... i&#39;m gooing to give that some serious thought, I feel a shopping trip coming on......

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    What was the name of your employer again.........?


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